Week 1 – Project


Well I am tardy with this post, it is better late than never!

For my first project I took something that I found posted to Pinterest that was inspired from an etsy.com store creation. 

I have taken the lyrics to my wedding song and printed them out in the shape of a heart, with a photo of my husband and I on our wedding day in the background.   Once I have it printed out and laminated (so he can take it with him when he is away)  I will post the finished product here!


I used this tutorial to get me through this.

Using the words that you would like as the text – (mine were the lyrics to Lost in This Moment – Big & Rich)

Then embed your photo in the background of the shape.

Send to the printer (or photo center of your choice!)

Laminate or frame.

I am laminating mine so that I can give it to my husband who is going to be travelling away for the next 9 months.  However I may do this in another variation closer to the one in the pin that I will frame to display at home.




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