Week 1 – Recipe


Broccoli Cheese Breakfast Casserole from Kayln’s Kitchen

I love casseroles of all variety.  They are generally fast, easy, and something that the whole family loves…and really in our house…who doesn’t love breakfast?!  So I figured this was a great receipe to start with.  Can’t wait to tell you about the outcome.

Jenn’s Results!

Ok…so I butchered the heck out of this recipe!!!

I used 2 over sized ramekins, 3 big heads of broccoli, about 2 TBSPs of sauteed onions, 4 eggs, a splash of milk, about 1/2 cup of cheese and sprinkle of some seasoning….salt, pepper, chilli flakes and white cheddar powder.

Layered the ramekin with broccoli, onions, cheese, then poured the milk/egg/seasoning (already mixed up) over and baked for 25 mins @ 350.

Turned out much better then I thought it might, considering my dislike for cooked broccoli! Thinking this might become a bit of a staple…..especially with some peppers and maybe tomatoes thrown in!!!

Would be really fun to do for a brunch and let everyone custom make their own!


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  1. Because I won’t eat the whole thing myself…going to try it in ramekins so its easy to heat up individuals all week! Part of that being I really wanted an excuse to buy ramekins (funnest word!!!) and part I’m much more likely to eat it that way instead of one big pan that I’ll have once and leave in the fridge!

    I must say…a little surprised your first recipe wasn’t from Smitten Kitchen!

  2. How silly is it that Dollarama sells two regular ones for $1.25 AND the 2 over sized ones I got for $1.25?!??! I figured the bigger ones were a good meal size and I’d get more use out of them. As for desserts…..I guess I’ll just have to make big ones!!!!

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