New Year, New Beginnings, New Projects…or at least that’s what we’re hoping!

So we’re both pretty addicted to Pinterest. If you haven’t checked it out, do so! Now!! Its like an online bulletin board where you can save recipes, projects, pictures of places you want to visit, favorite quotes, and just about anything else you can find online. Way better then using bookmarks!

But that’s only part of it. You can also see what everyone else on Pinterest is saving, then re-Pin those things to your own boards. Start, and a few hours later you’ll wonder what happened! Biggest time suck of 2011!!!!!

And that’s where we are today! We both have a ton of stuff pinned, with great intentions of making all these fantastic recipes and tackling the great projects. When do you ever have the time though?!?! So we have decided to tackle a recipe and a project a week, every week, for 2012!

Will it get done??? Going in with the best of intentions, we decided to blog our year to keep accountable, post pictures and just generally spend some much needed time together!

So…here we go!


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